Hometown Heroes

Cooper Ford is proud to be a part of the North Carolina Automobile Dealers Association (NCADA) Hometown Heroes program.  Hometown Heroes is a North Carolina program where local car dealerships will honor police, fire, sheriff departments along with EMT's and other first responders that keep communities safe. We are raising awareness for our hometown heroes, thanking them for all their service. Our goal is to always do whatever we can to help the community around us.


The Carthage Police Department is committed to community partnerships and serving the community, which makes this pairing with Cooper Ford perfect. The Carthage Police Department, along with the Carthage Fire Department, are hometown heroes that you can always count on. This is why the team here at Cooper Ford is happy to announce being a part of the Hometown Heroes program. Cooper Ford is always elated to aid the community, especially if it is local heroes such as the Carthage Fire Department or the Carthage Police Department.

Ask About the Hometown Heroes Program

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